Postpartum Utah

at the Utah Psychiatric Clinic is Utah’s first perinatal psychiatric clinic.

The clinic aims to provide excellent treatment of perinatal mood and
anxiety disorders. Providers treat mood disorders (such as postpartum
depression) and anxiety disorders (such as generalized anxiety or
panic disorder) in women who…

  • …are preparing to become pregnant and need advice regarding the safety of the psychiatric medications during pregnancy.
  • …are pregnant and experiencing (or previously experienced) a mood and/or anxiety disorder.
  • …have been pregnant in the past twelve months and are currently experiencing (or previously experienced) a mood and/or anxiety disorder.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to pregnancy, women with mood and anxiety disorders need providers with specialized
knowledge and skill. They need clinicians who know the latest scientific data regarding the risks and benefits psychotropic medicines pose to mother and baby. They need prescribers who understand the safety profile of medications during lactation. They need doctors experienced in detecting difficulties in an infant-parent relationship. They benefit from providers who understand the social stresses surrounding pregnancy and motherhood and know which community resources may lend support.

We hope you’ll allow us to be part of this exciting, but possibly stressful, time of your life.