Why are there no reviews on this website?

You may wonder why there are no testimonials on this website. This is intentional. 

While many patients have benefited from my care, I do not solicit positive reviews. Over the course of treatment, psychiatrists and patients often come to care very much about one another. This relationship can be a powerful part of the healing process, but is vulnerable to exploitation. If a psychiatrist were to ask a patient to write a review, they might comply, fearing refusal would displease a critical support in her life. This is not in her best interest. Therefore, I do not solicit reviews.

On the other hand, if a patient spontaneously write a review, either positive or negative, I cannot ethically respond as a medical provider. I must maintain the confidentiality of my patients. Public acknowledgement of a review would confirm that the individual received treatment at the clinic. This would violate her right to privacy.

While I gently discourage patients from publicly reviewing our clinic, I do feel that patient feedback is important. After every appointment, I ask patients to review my services. I’m not perfect, and I need feedback to improve. Additionally, I have, at times, accidentally offended a patient. While I cannot entirely prevent such occurrences, if a patient tells me how I have offended them, I will do what I can to set things right.

Because this website provide no testimonials, I make this guarantee: If you ever have an appointment with me that is so dissatisfying as to make you never want to return to the clinic, please tell me. I will refund the charges associated with the appointment. I ask that you make this request at least 48 hours, but no more than 7 days, after the appointment. (These time restrictions help ensure any decision to discontinue treatment is made thoughtfully.) Should you ever decide to discontinue treatment, I will be happy to provide you with referrals to other providers who may be a better fit. You deserve the best possible care.